Do It Yourself, commonly called DIY, has been the new craze lately. People have been attempting to DIY everything and social media is filled with tips, techniques and tutorials for certain DIY tasks. While it’s good to try and do things on your own, there are certain tasks that are simply not meant to be done on your own. It would be better to leave them to professionals so as to avoid any disaster. Moving to a new place falls under this category.

Inspired by the DIY trend, many people have attempted the DIY move only to end up in a mess. While the idea of DIY moving may appear to be tempting because people think that it will save them money, one needs to look at the bigger picture and consider all the risks and consequences associated with a DIY move. Considering all the problems, risks and setbacks that one experiences while trying to move on their own, it does not seem like it’s worth the risk.

Still not convinced?

Take a look at some of the risks associated with DIY Move:

·        High Cost

The primary factor that holds people back from hiring professional moving companies is that the assumption that DIY move will save them money. However, if you carefully consider the cost of DIY move, it is highly likely that you will end up spending more.

Thinking it’s not true?

Have you considered factors like packaging tools, moving equipment, insurance, truck rental, fuel and tolls? The financial assessment of move is not complete unless you consider the cost of all such factors and if you calculate the amount of money you will have to spend on these factors, DIY will not be appear as a cost-saving option any more.

·        Damaged Items and Property

Do you have the professional tools, experience and the efficiency that is required for packing, loading and moving items?

Obviously, you do not!

Imagine moving your huge sofa through the narrow doorway or disassembling your king size bed so that it can be put on the truck. When doing it on your own, it is highly likely that you will cause damage to your furniture, your property or even injure yourself because you do not have the right tools and experience of doing these tasks. Also, it is likely that you may end up damaging certain fragile items or appliances due to poor packaging.

The staff of a professional moving company, such as that of the Interstate Direct Movers, carries out these tasks on daily basis. They know how to safely transport your belongings without causing any damage to the items or to any property.

·        Your Personal Safety is at Risk

Due to your inexperience, it is likely that you may end up injuring yourself. While carrying heavy items during the move, you are putting your safety at risk. Injuries that are highly common in DIY moves include crushing your appendages and back injuries. Sometimes, people end up spending large amounts of money in medical treatments due to serious injuries that are caused during DIY moves.

·        Stress

Last, but not the least, stress is an inevitable factor of DIY moving. Being responsible for everything, from packing and renting a vehicle to taking care of insurance and disassembling and re-assembling the heavy furniture items, this is a stressful job that can often become unbearable.

To avoid all these troubles, and to save time and money, hire a professional moving company and make your move easy. Save your energy and focus on other important tasks that you are likely to have at hand. Contact the Interstate Direct Movers to make your move hassle free.