Make a Plan Before You Move

The key to staying organized during your move is to make a plan before you get started. This agenda will ensure you have plenty of time to get everything done, such as hire movers or reserve a rental truck and pack with plenty of time to spare. You can get a designated moving folder or create an online document to keep everything in one place. By creating this timeline, you make moving less stressful both emotionally and financially, preventing headaches down the road.

Use a moving checklist to stay organized and on track with the plan you developed. There are many moving checklists you can reference online that can provide direction and keep you aware of any tasks you might not have considered. The best part is that many of these lists already come organized by how many weeks out you are from moving day. In addition, we recommend having a to-do list you add to as you remember tasks. This can be kept in a note on your phone or in a small notebook you carry with you. Lastly, hire a moving company that has agents that will gladly help you with all moving logistics like Interstate Direct Movers.