How to Stay Organized During a Move

 How to Stay Organized During a Move

Are you moving to a new house?

While the idea of moving to a new house and starting fresh is exciting for a lot of people, it often becomes a stressful experience for many people.

Whether your move is going to be a pleasant experience or an unpleasant one, it depends on your planning and organziation skills.

Moving is truly a test of your abilites and stamina!

Here are some useful tips and tricks to help you with getting things organzied while maintaining your sanity during a move:

·        Prepare A List Of Contact Numbers

Whether you are going to hire a moving company or are thinking of opting for the DIY move, you will have to be in touch with many people associated with the move. These may include the number for the moving company, crew foreman, the vehicle rental company, workers who are going to assist in loading the furniture, your new landlord and many more. Save all the numbers and email addresses on your phone and also write them down in a diary, in case you accidentally delete any numbers or lose your phone.

·        Write Down All The Important Addresses

No matter how good you are at remembering things, it is recommended to write down all the important addresses and locations in your diary. These include the address of your new house, the nearest post office, grocery store etc.

This is to save yourself from having to search again and again. You can also use Google Maps to pin the important locations and share them with all the people who are involved in the move.

·        Have A Moving Binder

Creating a moving binder is recommended by experienced people and moving experts. The binder should include a diary, a pouch for keeping pens and sticky notes in place, plastic protectors for various brochures and also a card holder.

·        Create An Inventory and Keep it Handy

One of the most important tips for a successful move is to create an inventory of all the items in your house. You can also divide the list into different categories, such as items that you want to keep, sell, donate and throw away.

Take a print out of the inventory and always keep it handy so that you can keep  track of everything and make sure that all the items reach your new home.

·        Use Color Coding

Use different colored tapes or markers for packaging boxes for every room. This will save you from the trouble of opening up every box to find out what materials it has, and you won’t end up having wrong items in the wrong places; the box containing bathroom stuff will not end up in the kitchen or the box of your clothes will not be found in the bathroom.

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