Estimate for Your Move

Any licensed professional mover must give you a free, written estimate of the probable cost of your move. Get estimates from several qualified, experienced movers such as Interstate Direct Movers. Remember, an estimate is not a bid or a quote of final charges. It’s an educated guess as to what a move will cost, based on the items you tell the mover you want packed and moved. You will be billed according to changes in the mover’s tariff – and that’s the amount you’ll have to pay, regardless of whether it’s more or less that the amount stated in the estimate.

Get a written estimate before the move starts (not when the mover shows up with the truck). It should state all the decisions you have made about what you want moved, other services (including the number of employees and the size of the vehicle your move will require), and the mover’s liability for loss or damage. Have the mover sign your copy. Interstate Direct Movers will always give a binding quote based on the size of your move.