Consumer Rights

Know your rights and responsibilities when you move and the general requirements. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s  (FMCSA) regulations protect consumers moving interstate. 

What is Limited Liability Protection?

Limited liability protection is provided to you when you work with Interstate Direct Movers. Your belongings are valued based on their weight and are given a valuation of sixty cents per pound/per article. In the event of a claim, you will be compensated at this rate no matter the item. In other words, a television will be compensated at the same rate as a dining room table.

Please note: The liability coverage for boxes that you pack yourself is not the same as the liability coverage available for carrier-packed boxes. Items damaged inside boxes that you pack are not covered by the valuation policy. However, if the items are damaged because the boxes themselves were damaged during transit, the valuation policy could apply.

Secondary Insurance: We do work with insurance providers who have special insurance programs designed to offer full protection which provides a higher level of compensation if there should be any damage to your items and is a great way to protect your move.